Web Development, Applications & Programming

Web Development, Applications & Programming

I have years of experience in designing and developing websites for different industries. I created over 100 websites, and out of that, 15 to 20 are large-scale websites with a dynamic CMS system. 

I was humbled that I could help so many companies with my expertise in leading the project's research, strategy, and design phases.

As I got more involved and dealt with the complex project architect, I gained phenomenal expertise in creating strategy across all brands (national and local) to enhance user journey and manage website implementation as it aligns with business needs and overall brand strategy, establishing the best practices for web technology enhancements, integrations, and migrations,

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Creating a Road Map as a Web Strategist: 

Working with a Specialty Motion web project, I effectively gained highly experienced HTML language to translate business strategies into websites. I developed a 335 pages website hand-coded in HTML for six months in 2007, creating roadmaps including product strategies & product specifications that deliver the company’s core customer value propositions. 

My journey just started in 2006 with the Specialty Motion Project. I get pretty savvy in Web Technology by keeping my hands dirty and gaining years of experience building and maintaining information based, corporate, nonprofit, and eCommerce websites, with - 

  • Custom code (Plugins, themes, etc.) using custom with PHP, 
  • CSS3 
  • HTML5 
  • AJAX 
  • JQuery 
  • Javascript 
  • Responsive website 


In 2007 I started testing and debugging sites with Cross-browsers, platforms, and multiple devices.

In 2008 I started learning Php & My SQL by taking classes in UCR extension for two months. My idea was not to be a hardcore PHP developer but to understand the logic of PHP programs to talk as a web strategist. I decided to take my career to the next level as a web strategist or web project lead. Later in, between  2010 to 2014 

I started to take hands-on training on - 


  • PHP & My SQL
  • WordPress CMS page builders
  • Drupal
  • Joomla
  • Magento
  • SquareSpace
  • Shopify customizing root code
  • Theme development & integration


I am also responsible for developing the website strategy and architecture, wireframes, content thrust mapping, content conversion outlines, and copywriting and content flow, all to maximize developed sites' user experience and conversion capability. When Adobe introduced Adobe Experience to create a template-based website using WordPress templates, I thought it was a unique platform to target landing pages on a demography basis. This platform is a handy enterprise-level multi-vendor website platform meeting the requirements of designing unlimited template-based sites for numerous business locations.


Starting working on an Ecommerce Platform 

My experience working with eCommerce was unique. I started working in Alvarado Mfg as a marketing supervisor, fixing their split websites into one. I also started working on e-commerce, and very soon, I became fascinated with dynamic features of the e-commerce platform like OpenCart, Xcart, Magento, Prestashop and kept myself consumed by the new emerged e-commerce technologies and features like below-  


  • Merchants account 
  • Shipping API integration
  • Tax system implementation
  • CRM integration payment gateway like Authorize.net, Strips, etc. 
  • Dynamic Product Module
  • Dynamic Pricing Module
  • Donation System
  • Product Categories, Sub Categories
  • Dynamic Sticky & Scroll Menu

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Web Testing 

The technology advanced, the technical market shifted, and WordPress introduced thousands of websites as born in one night. So I gained a strong understanding of -


  • Website performance 
  • Core Web Vitals (CWV) using Google web search
  • Google Analytics/GA4/Adobe Analytics, and Data Studio
  • Google Search Console
  • Google Tag Manager (Tag Management Systems such as Tealium/GTM)
  • Email Marketing Tools
  • Google BigQuery
  • Google Optimize, 
  • Heat Mapping Software (Crazy Egg)
  • BI Tools (Worked with BI team)


Massive Changes in Google Web Algorithms: 

Google went crazy to introduce search engine algorithms, web crawling algorithms & content algorithms, and Google Panda and Penguin algorithms. So I learned using experience and search console, and keyword planners tools -


  • SemRush
  • Moz
  • AWR
  • Aherf
  • Ubersuggest 


Later it was imperative to learn Web Server Technology; when cloud technology merged, I started working with server technologists and gained experience on- 


  • Azure & AWS application
  • Cloud & web hosting 
  • FTP, SSL 
  • Github
  • Jekyll for cloud migration


Gradually Google introduced Content Marketing which is crucial to web development Strategy. I started learning Google strategy algorithms and techniques. a blueprint that should be integrated into the website programming - 


  • Gained experience in knowledge-based content strategy, planning, creativity, creation on digital platforms to develop organic search strategies implementing technical SEO, Onpage SEO, and off-page SEO with strong
  • Debugging and server-related issues page speed testing using Google Tag Manager and problem-solving capabilities, DNS verification, search console configuration, Web crawlers’ file creation, H1, H2, H3 Tag creation


Working in developing Marketplace Platform: 

I have gained some experience in integrating marketplace eCommerce platforms. I first helped Pryme to fix the Amazon store. I had some prior knowledge of Amazon at its initial stage, and the technical platform was straightforward. So I gained experience working marketplace technician by setting up marketplace websites like Amazon, Walmart, Etsy, Wayfair stores design. I managed a team of experts in Amazon products, product content development, pricing strategy, competitors’ strategies, A+ content, page design, pay-per-click campaign formulation, organic list rankings.


Web Development Project Planning 

  • I work diligently with the company’s stakeholders to determine best practices for all marketing communications efforts, exchange technical web ideas, address issues of website projects, suggest improvements;
  • I keep myself occupied for a few days early stage of creating strategies by researching, wireframing, prototyping, modern and user-friendly design.
  • I also work with HTML designers with website user interface designs, Mobile app user interface designs, Landing pages, Dashboard UI, Email templates, Social Media Page Design. 
  • I developed a flow chart web structure and redesigned the corporate website, and introduced new products and promotions;
  • Develop all web layout, landing page design, and other sub-pages design, responsible for developing a goal-driven, aesthetically suitable, industry-relevant format that fulfills the company’s business goals and vision;
  • I develop a blueprint for site architecture, URL & slug creation & formatting, keyword research, search intent. 
  • In the building phase, I pay detailed attention to HTTP protocol, no crawl instruction, mobile optimization, image optimization, on-page optimization.
  • I regularly monitor, identify, and analyze essential website KPIs and trends across brands and provide data-driven recommendations to improve user experience and site engagement rates.
  • I support the web team’s re-platforming of domains by providing web analytics requirements and validating tag implementation and data collection. 
  • I have always been interested in proper tag implementation by UAT’ing (User Acceptance Test) in the production environment.
  • I work as a liaison of all communication points between company management and the web development team, completing milestones in all web projects, analyzing current project backlogs, suggesting solutions, move projects forward;
  • I have experience managing a MarTech team of 5 to 25 by providing leadership, and guidance for on-time deployment schedules using Asana, Monday.com, Basecamp, Trello;
  • Before launching, I perform reports on analytics & tracking, XML sitemap, website Audit using Google search console, high-quality backlinks building, domain authority analysis 
  • I am responsible for on-site optimization, including optimizing photos for fast download.
  • I perform routine maintenance and quality assurance testing websites for speed tests.
  • I create a timeline to test and debug sites after launching and ensure all requirements are fulfilled.
  • I supervise all creative UX/UI design such as web banners, main service graphics, cross-functional marketing graphics,  Javascript animation, Title Gif animation, main design layout, flow, video, or photo gallery to the business needs related. 
  • I manage the entire database of managing & archiving all digital photos and files.

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Managing The Web Technical Team: 

I work with 8 to 15 designers, developers, 3D designers, CAD designers, video technicians, content writers, proofreaders, social media technicians, Hubspot Technician, Google & YouTube Adwords technicians, Google Analytic  


The success of the Projects: 

I am proud to say, I have had ZERO project failure under my supervision. Out of all projects I completed in my 15 years of professional experience in the USA marketing industry, two to three projects did not take off either to funding issues, changes in management or board decisions, or cancellation of the project. 

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