Trade Show Organization & Management

Trade Show Organization & Management

I have years of experience in organizing trade shows for the companies. I have seen in my experience that trade shows can turn quickly logistics and marketing without the right preparation and resources. With correct and timely organization I'm able to proactively manage for success.

I have gained certain skills in managing the trade shows by coordinating with different department and technical team members. The success of the trade show depends on how you lead a team to complete all the detailed work to meet deadlines.

I love to start planning well in ADVANCE

One of the keys to successful trade show management is giving enough time to plan and successfully implement the event. A planning is needed at least a year before after completing the paperwork more in advance to allow adequate time to:

  • Planning should include 
  • Establish your trade show objectives
  • Set your budget
  • Find event sponsors to help with cost
  • Book your venue
  • Identify and reserve your entertainment
  • Determine floor layout, booth rental pricing, and pricing for other exhibiting services for your vendors
  • Develop your exhibitor contract and informational materials
  • Arrange for show staffing needs, including sales assistants, event coordinators, technical staff, and promotional talent
  • Create and implement a multi-faceted promotional plan that includes marketing to vendors/exhibitors and then attendees
  • Perform post-show follow-up

I have worked on different Trade Show Models 

  • Hosted Buyer Program
  • Hybrid Events
  • Appointment Show
  • Private Meeting Rooms on the show floor

My key to be successful in the trade shows are: 

  • Establish Specific Event Objectives
  • Set a Realistic Budget
  • Develop a Compelling Sales Message
  • Create a "WOW" Exhibit

Create a Trade Show Marketing Plan

  • Pre-Show Marketing 
  • At-Show Marketing 
  • Post-Show Marketing

Promotional Ideas:

  • Ideal Booth Location with the visibility
  • Extraordinary Marketing Collateral with eye-catching graphics strongly represents brands
  • Train and Schedule Staff
  • Prepare Follow-up Information Packet
  • Make Travel Arrangements
  • Follow-up with Attendees
  • Logistic of the Product Shipment
  • Evaluate Trade Show Success



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