Team Building & Management

Team Building & Management
  • Managed internal team of 8 to 25
  • Maintain all outside vendors and outsourced agencies.
  • Review the progress of projects on a daily basis with the team and prioritize projects on daily basis 
  • Worked with the timeline with the team to catch up with internal projects;
  • Conduct team meetings whenever needed to  push projects to be completed
  • Make sure the task list of every technical associate is completed and documented
  • Review all final project progress at the end of the week and create new project milestone for the coming week. 
  • Resolve issues in technical projects with the  team with cool
  • Act as a liaison between the technical team and management and Board of Directors 
  • Take care of the other responsibilities on a daily basis if needed

I always tend to be an associate if my technical team though  I was their project manager. I never give them a feeling of a BOSS. 

My approaches are below: .

  • Treat failures as opportunities to learn and grow 
  • Prohibiting non-trusting & hostile behavior among team members in the time of conflicts.
  • Try to find a better solution by opening myself up to learning instead of accusing or criticizing publicly
  • Meet team member face to face to create a rapport
  • Develop a trust among team members with open communication 
  • Always make an effort to get to know the team members to build trust like asking questions about their family, parents, birthdays etc. 
  • By getting to know each team member personally I gained utmost respect and live so they would ”Buy in” my ideas. 
  • Acknowledge the accomplishments of the team members for their hard work by treating them taking them to lunch or give them gift cards, gift cards



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