Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Social media Marketing: 

You cannot complete any digital marketing strategy without social media strategy. Your business must have social media presence online. I started my career when Twitter was not even born—as time went by, I learned how to develop initial social media plans for startups making my hands dirty. I have learned to build brands, build social media calendars, posts, advertising, and promotions across social media platforms and blogs.  The most important part is to create trust via social media channels and stand for your words through transparency and honesty. 

Social Media marketing quickly can bring you fame, but misinterpreting can destroy you within a twinkle of your eye. 

1. Community Building: In social media, community building is enormous. It gives an engaged blogging community and reviews to leverage influencers of the target demographic. Establish on-site blogs with in-house and guest bloggers to create brand and product content. 

2. Advertising & Promotions: Utilize extensive knowledge of social media advertising to create ad budgets and placements. Quickly build engagement via promotions and giveaways.  

In any project, small or big, I pay attention exceptionally to the details of the project. I am easy to work with.  My creative solutions deliver mission & goals to the client's business objectives. I always ensure the project time compliance with budget requirements, client brand standards, timeline, and complete satisfaction.  

Yes, I am here to provide the solutions, and thankful to Upwork for providing such a great platform

Establishing Social Media Strategy:
For years I helped companies to optimize their social media account profiles, mainly LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter,  Instagram, and YouTube

I treated all profile pages as a company’s personal sales page, whether you’re selling yourself or your business. When someone clicks through to your profile, you want them to quickly understand your value by reading through the copy, urging them to reach out with CTA integration. 

Developing an optimized SMM profile will include

1. A headline to attract the target audience to click through to the business profile

2. A summary that reflects the company's core values as a business leader and the value they offer to their customers 

3. A current experience section that promotes the company’s service, products, and promotion

4. Relevant keywords throughout the headline, summary, current experience, and skills sections to increase the company’s appearance in searches by potential customers or clients.


Now seeing Google Sponsored ad strategy and money-making techniques, all the social media platforms introduced Facebook Ads & Twitter Ads, Instagram Lead Generation, YouTube sponsored, or Google discovery ads can generate quality leads. I help service-based businesses get more Quality Leads in the following essential social media accounts.
I have seen that, in reality, it is not the Quantity of Leads; it is about how many Quality Customers you can get. In companies, I manage a team of technical PPC specialists. I am focused on lead-generation campaigns to turn leads into sales. Working with different industries, I mastered the art of client acquisition for service-based businesses. I consistently focus on generating 2x more profit without 2x your budget.  My strategy is to help companies to turn those leads into sales FAST.  I am always on the mission to provide companies with a predictable, consistent lead generation marketing campaign that generates more leads & more sales on demand.   

I managed a team of Certified Social Media Technicians for years on different company projects. 

Below are niches that I gained experience in the following B2B/B2C Marketing 

HVAC, Real Estate, Mortgage, Pest control, Event planning, Dentist, Construction, Event planning, EV Charging Station, Engineering, Manufacturing, Schools/Day Care, Non-profit 



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