Project Management

Project Management

I am technically savvy and possess in-depth knowledge in the most updated digital marketing and web development software & tools. Focusing on “Consumer First,” I develop strategies that deliver a clear consumer understanding of the various technology platforms with micro and macro level budget allocations. 

With my years of experience in project management in creative design, web development, social media, digital advertising, I have become well equipped in the following areas: 

  • Business requirement gathering, analysis, and project planning 
  • Create estimation within budget and customer expectations & holistic approach to fulfill client engagement
  • Manage development  teams remotely and in-house by resolving various project issues, including critical status quo and calculating risk management 
  • Create a plan to use resources efficiently, including human resources at all points of the project progress
  • Train the team of business process and customer satisfaction 
  • Analyze project metrics to ensure compliance to quality and take appropriate steps to overcome non-compliance
  • Work closely with decision-makers, including sales account management, to maximize further project opportunities for the existing customers
  • Develop an effective process adjustment  to the project scope, timeline, resources, or budget if needed
  • Develop a countermeasure process to keep the project on track and manage the metrics dashboard
  • Implement team engagement activities to develop technical & behavioral skills by creating performance & feedback report 
  • Develop strategies to save thousands of dollars in the project management process choosing the right technical platforms, software, and tools 
  • Conduct post evaluation and activity analysis, recommending changes for the future brand awareness program

Being a Protagonist (ENFJs) according to Myers & Briggs Personality Test, I push the envelope to make things happen, take leadership, and achieve my goals. 

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