Online Business Development & Ideation

Online Business Development & Ideation

I always suggest companies look for new products to launch, for areas to improve, and branch out—analysis of the growth potential and out-of-box ideas which can resolve real-time issues of the potential customers. I have years of experience working in the B2B & B2C industry developing new business ideas or launching new businesses. 

I have gained experience working with small to large B2B & B2C companies to expand their existing businesses in different directions and rebrand new businesses.


My expertise includes -

  1. Evaluating its performance and looking for areas to improve 
  2. Building and maintaining relationships with allies and partners
  3. Identifying opportunities for growth in other channels
  4. Analyze customer growth potential, behavioral & psychological analysis via survey, Q/A offering freebies
  5. Identify long-term methods to increase value by developing relationships, markets, and customers.
  6. Watching market shifts & changing the day-to-day tasks and strategies
  7. Improving & improvising skilled communication, negotiations, marketing, data analysis, and project management techniques
  8. Experienced to start a prototype and taste the market to see how customers react to the new product & services to stop massive amounts of business investment
  9. Search for potential revenue opportunities, create sales pipelines by strategizing SMM and SEM marketing, lead generation campaigns
  10. Perform intense research, and look into potential partnerships and sales channel
  11. Sales skills include prospecting, updating the sales funnel or customer management platform, qualifying leads, nurturing relationships with clients



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