Marketing Management

Marketing Management

I have been working in B2B & B2C marketing for years. In my experience, I have developed marketing and management strategies that increase the demand for products or services. These strategies help create add-on values and interest for customers to buy the products and services. I always prefer to use the marketing mix to develop a good marketing management strategy where I can manage the calculative risk and quickly make an alternative decision. Creating value is important. I always create value for every product and service that I market for. In this competitive industry, I can create a strategy that explores the process of understanding, creating, and delivering value to the target markets.


My experience in Marketing and Management in the companies -

  • Implemented policies and procedures in the marketing department for literature requests, digital photos, and file distribution to other departments
  • Manage all direct marketing initiatives and track phone calls of inquiries
  • Brainstorming with a cross-functional team to make a better marketing plan to gain customer confidence
  • Review budget, market trends, technical scope, and profit & loss forecast with CEOs & Board of Directors of the company 
  • Manage advertising campaign and track budget for each campaign for future decisions for budget allocation
  • Support other departments providing extra creative services and came up with a timeline policy to deliver creative projects
  • Maintain all press releases on product announcements & new product launches,
  • Review all quote requests or inquiries, complaints that come via the website and redirect those to responsible managers
  • Work with quality assurance or customer service managers to enhance customer service experience and return damaged products;
  • Create all the technical project requirements for management to review
  • Create Powerpoint Presentations to describe the project requirements and ROI holistically 
  • Develop suggestions and create a list of software and tools to use to attain technical requirements
  • Directs and oversees marketing vendor relationships
  • Achieves target Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  • Conducts post-program analysis to review results against objectives, including lead volume, cost-per-lead, and cost-per-sale



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