I worked in the Jasmin Khan Foundation as a member of the advisory committee. My responsibility was providing organization charts, brainstorming ideas and supporting technical and creative service.

For my contribution to the organization, I was rewarded by the Los Angeles City Council.

Jasmin Khan Foundation was established in 2018 December in the name of a very distinguished writer Jasmin Khan. She was an excellent philanthropist helping women at different levels in the city of Los Angeles. Her pure heart and sweet personality won everyone's heart. She loved to write poems and short stories on different topics in people’s lives.

Simplicity is the main mantra of her life. She dedicated her entire life to educate people about the simplicity of life and best practice how to love and help people selflessly. 

Jasmin Khan Foundation is a nonprofit organization in Los Angeles. It was established to empower less privileged women in the Bangladeshi community in Los Angeles and surrounding areas who struggled and worked hard to fulfill their dreams in most adverse situations. The foundation also supports organizations and charity institutions to offer grants and financial help in science, education & culture in the community.



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