I am a life learner, and I learned how to be skilled and agile from my incredible mentors in my long career pathway. My CEOs, who worked directly with me, considered me one of the most well-rounded, holistic marketing strategists in the industry. I always step ahead in the company.


People love to work with me as well as to learn. 

I possess strong proficiencies in a wide variety of digital marketing platforms, as well as design skills that an IT person or technical strategist normally doesn't possess. I tend to combine creativity with my hard-core technical or IT skills. I prefer to be efficient and organized. Despite changes in scope and unwanted delays, I try to maintain a positive can-do attitude with everything people throw at me.


Communication is very important to me to be successful. I try to be always optimistic about finding a way to get something done, without any complaint.  I always put my 100% to be a better and well-accommodating person on the team. I am naturally curious and believe in brainstorming and team feedback. I always try to be that person who wears too many hats in the company, so the CEO considers me an invaluable asset in the entire marketing journey.


I can handle just about anything that is thrown my way. I am a great problem solver, ”Doesn’t work,” is not in my dictionary. I have been managing teams of 5 to 25 extraordinary talented people. 

My marketing background which combines organizational skills with my hands-on technical training from concept to production includes: 

1. Marketing & Digital Strategy: Marketing Attribution, Digital Strategy, Analysis, Planning & Performance Monitoring; 

2. Data Analytics & Reporting: Data Analytics (Google, Yahoo, Bing, Adobe Audience, Heatmap), Google Tag Manager, Data Studio;

3. Customer Relationship Management: CRM (Salesforce Lightning, Cloud, ACTO);

4. Email & Marketing Automation:
(Hubspot, Marketo, Active Campaign);

5. Web Development  & Database:
(MVC-Php Laravel, Codeigniter, XML, Lamp, MySQL, Ruby-on-Rail, React, Restful API, Javascript, Python, WordPress plugins), custom application, Shopify web app;

6. Search Engine Marketing: Ad serving, Google Smart Ads (Display Ads, Discovery Ads, Search Ads), Yahoo, Bing Adwords & Adexpress;

7. Keyword Research & Technical SEO: 
White Hat Technique SEO (On-page, off-page), H3/H2 Tags, .htaccess, email server, web security, web crawler files, Php-SEO application, KPI dashboard, Moz, SEMrush, custom slug, optimized content, QA based article & blogs, link building & library, directory submission, hashtags, reputation & survey, local business listing;

8. Social Media: Funnel Testing, A/B (Multivariate testing), FB Pixel, Instagram, Twitter & Youtube campaign setup, optimization & reporting;

9. Landing page: CTA, converting leads to sales, (CRM, white paper free offerings);

10. E-commerce Marketplace: 
Amazon (Seller Central, FBA, Category Ungate)  Walmart (Flipcart), eBay, Ad optimization, PPC, product upload, copywriting, reviews & survey management;

11. Technical Documentation & Legal Contracts;

12. Project Management: 
Asana, Trello, Monday.com, Microsoft Team

13. Creative Design & Print:
Brand identity & awareness, color separation, sketching, bleed, production-ready artwork, marketing material creation, promotional & advertising display, 3D  (Adobe Cloud CC, Maya, Studio MX);

14. Video & Photos: Product Photoshoot, Technical Video & Animation (Storyboarding, line animation, 3D, 2D video compilation);



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