United Voices of Literacy

United Voices of Literacy

United Voices of Literacy (UVOL) is a nonprofit organization based in Los Angeles. I have known the founder,  Leah Sayles, for a long time. She is an excellent advocate for improving children's reading and learning. She has tirelessly dedicated her time to improve the reading skills of youths in the city of Los Angeles.

I am always motivated to support any cause that helps the next generation to thrive. So I decided to help Leah Sayles supporting her organization with my professional background in web development and digital marketing. I redesigned the organization’s site by putting together an excellent, aesthetic, and strategic layout that would successfully display the mission and vision of the organization.

I helped her with the following:

  • Web hosting & server configuration 
  • Website reorganize, plan & execution 
  • Custom website design & development 
  • Donation module integration 
  • Bookselling e-commerce feature integration 
  • Email server support
  • We security 
  • Search engine optimization

Please check the website 

More Information about United Voices of Literacy can be found in the Case Study portion of my website.



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