Meeting the client

David Wang is an international Education Consultant who has encouraged high school students from Southeast Asia to pursue admission to US universities. 

As a global educational leader, David sought to have-

  • Most modern website structure in the latest version of WordPress.
  • Highly visual design concept to display his current services, list of universities & colleges, & other services 
  • Enables marketing technology integrations and streamlines its content management process. 
  • Build user-friendly, finely tuned content management system in WordPress 5.8 
  • To build a less complicated, visually aesthetic website to establish his education consulting brand in the USA

To make these projects induced fully, he tapped me as his technical consultant to work one-on-one with him.


Logo or Brand Creation

I totally worked on David’s idea of creating a logo. It was a speedy and quick deployment. 

I loved working with David on branding development. An easy, simple, unique logo was developed that 100% meets the business mission & vision. 

  • Big US text represents his company’s leading name.
  • The letter to the US also reflects the USA's flag to make people understand it's a USA-based company. 
  • Graduation CAP top of U means this company is a source for international students to successfully get into USA colleges & universities.

My approach in developing the website

  • Created an easy to understand wire-frame & holistic technical requirements
  • Manipulated content easily by a non-technical person
  • Administering the pages to be easily navigated
  • Easy-to-found admin panel around the concept of components
  • A structured content “building blocks” in WordPress is built that allows for a wide range of variation in page layout
  • Came up with a front-end design layout to finalize their “library” of content components for building page

Project time: 8 to 10 weeks


The Technical Framework followed

  • Compatible Browsers 
  • Compatible With Documentation Layout
  • IE11, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome, Edge WordPress
  • PHP, HTML 5, CSS 3, JS , W3 validate Markup Documents
  • Fully Responsive

Milestones were completed on the website.


Pages Developed

  • Home 
  • College Application
  • Teach Abroad 
  • Intern Abroad 
  • Volunteer Abroad  
  • Cultural Exchange 
  • FAQs 
  • Contact
  • Blog 
  • Gallery
  • Each page has content, pictures, and information.
  • Can add/delete any info or insert pictures on these pages
  • The FAQ page has questions/answers. When people click each question, they will see the answer. 
  • FAQ pages are developed on the Javascript accordion feature.
  • The gallery displays all pictures of universities or colleges. 
  • Client or admin can upload or delete any pictures in the gallery and 
  • Blog sections are added, and each blog has its own page. 
  • Client/or admin can add and delete pictures, content in blogs.
  • Contact us- We have created a user-friendly contact form. Any inquiry will go from the 'contact us' page to the company email.
  • All social media links are inserted on the website.


What Our Client says about this project

I was delighted with the work Sabina accomplished with my business site, You will see her excellent ideas on the website that reflected my vision of the business. Before she started the development, she spent a lot of time researching my services and other competitors’ sites. She developed a blueprint of the site following Google's recent algorithm to help the website in organic search. She brought my vision into reality. She was on the tip of her toes from the first phase to the last web development phase. She fulfilled all the requirements on the contract. 

Moreover, she put a lot of extra work out of the contract. Her creativity and ideas were excellent. She also did the logo, content writing, customized pictures for individual pages, and slider pictures, including all the slogans without changing extra. She customized all the elements putting herself in the customer’s shoes, and educated me at every step where I didn’t know doing a website. It was great to see how passionate she was about developing the site putting ahead my future goals for online marketing. The site is very flexible to browse through and easy to maintain from the backend, as She created a video tutorial to show me how to keep the place. 

Mostly, her top-notch capability of keeping me in the loop through the entire process was highly appreciated. I feel that my dollar amount to do this site was highly optimized. Her quote was amazingly low compared to others. I will go back again for her services in the future and highly recommend her to others!


David Zhang
CEO, US Education Resource

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