Meetings with April Woozencroft

April Wozencroft is an outstanding marriage therapist and found me online to create her unique brand for the marriage and family counseling business in 2018.

As a consultant or independent contractor, I always concentrate on the quality of the work regardless of the budget and help the start-up business to optimize the marketing dollars to reach the initial goals.

I made sure she would never feel in the dark when working with me by over-communicating everything—recommendations, risks, budget, timeline!


  • Successfully launched a strong brand 
  • Integrated long term strategy for the site 
  • Completed a highly aesthetic site with ZERO malware, crawlers error, or broken links 
  • Optimize the site with a faster ranking

Project Goal

  • Set up a start-up business 
  • Develop a STRONG brand 
  • Develop a beautiful, calm, site with a therapeutic look that represents the mission & vision of the business.


Exploration Period

Dig & Understand: I understand her vision & business goals (Problems & Customer Insight)

  • Review: Review her contents & service list.
  • Meetings: Conducted a few personal & online meetings to clarify technical goals combined with business goals
  • Find Challenges & Solutions: Q/A session to clarify problem and pain points
  • Idea Hybrid & Strategize: Research, Findings, Filtering, Final Ideation
  • Aesthetic Concept: Design Hybrid & Concept Design 
  • Technical Wireframe: Build easy-to-understand website architecture 
  • Prioritize: Prioritize Project Segment

Creating A BLUEPRINT of the Project Success

After several long project discussions, I knew exactly what she wanted, how she wanted, and how I would address her issues. In conclusion, I recommended a BLUEPRINT of solutions resulting in an aesthetically pleasant site that represents the vision statement of her as a THERAPIST. With her start-up limited budget and continuous support, I completed painting a total picture of what I would design and build.


Milestone Achieved

Brand Creation (Logo Design)
Developed Two Concept Design for the website

Pages Developed

Top Menu - 2 sections

  •  Top section - Top section displays menu section on top where telephone number, address & social media icons are displayed
  •  There is the main menu section where the logo, drop-down menus are added
  •  The menu is also added as a STICKY menu when the page is scrolled, the menu would scroll down too. So it would be easier for the audience to go to any page while browsing through the page.


Home page - (Dropdown Menu)  a. About Us b. License c. Awards d. Publishing & Interview e. Photo gallery

Therapy Services

Professional Services (Dropdown Menu)

a. Anxiety
b. Depression
c. Couples Therapy
d. Relationship Therapy
e. Life Therapy & Stress Management

Other Services

  • Getting Started
  • Resources
  • Other Media
  • What She Wore, Outreach
  • A side menu is added to show all the services from each service page
  • Blogs - Here the client can add blogs from the admin panel
  • Invoicing System - I designed and developed a holistic invoicing system to offer online payment options. There are two kinds of admin- USER admin (Patient portal), SUPER admin for the business owner (April Woozencroft). 



Footer contains four sections:

  • Section-1
    About me, Contact me, Important Links, Logo  (Going to Facebook)
  • Section-2
    All services 
  •  Section-3
    TWITTER feeds are displayed


Google Submission 

  • Google Indexing, Site health Check, Malware check, 404 error, broken links
  • Sitemap Creation 
  • Submit the site to Google for indexing


Social Media 


What Our Client says about this project

Sabina Islam has been not only a great web designer she has been instrumental in creating an image that demonstrates professionalism. I am thankful for her willingness to make herself available when I have questions and goes the extra mile to ensure that I am happy with the product. I do recommend Sabina not only because of the great work that she has done, but also the great heart that she has.

April Wozencroft, LMFT  (Owner) 
AW Marriage & Family Counseling

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