Meeting John Claypool, CEO of Accuracy Plus California

I was recommended to John Claypool, who was looking for a digital marketing consultant by another business owner who I worked with a long time ago. 

John Claypool was an expert and certified Pest & Termite Control Exterminator for over 20 years and operating in the pest and termite control business in Orange and Los Angeles county since 1994. He established Accuracy Plus California.

John was a very humble man, and his customer-centric business approach had made him very popular in the pest and termite control business. He operated his company in the city of Brea and Los Angeles for over 20 years. 

His company, Accuracy Plus, was performing very well from the year 2000 until 2014. His main business leads came from his two websites on the first page of Google on major keywords search. 

Unfortunately, his SEO technicians used the “BLACK HAT TECHNIQUES,” as a result, Google penalized both of the sites of Orange County and Los Angeles in 2015 as they introduced new algorithms PANDA & PENGUINS. 

His business had diminished, and he sought digital solutions.  His colleague recommended my services, and on the day John was considering filing bankruptcy he contacted me.

Starting with John: 

I carefully listened to his problem and suggested he did not need to file bankruptcy. It took 3 to 4 days to perform my research and analyze the pest industry market, customer segmentation, service categories, other competitors’ websites promoting their services, and how they created a marketing pitch.  He provided me with the primary 45 keywords that he wanted to optimize and also run pay-per-click ad campaigns he was targeting.   

I researched for three or four days and found out that- 

  • The websites are lacking the Google algorithms to be indexed as a healthy website. 
  • The SEO Description, Title, Keywords were not correct; thus, it fell into Keyword Spamming.
  • The content was very disorganized and failed to create a buyer’s persona. 
  • Pictures were very old; there was no photo gallery showcasing the work. 
  • No Video Gallery addressing the issues on pests or termites
  • The websites didn't follow a flow or an organized structure. 
  • No Sitemaps 
  • No blogs

So I created a comprehensive report. He was very impressed with my strategic plan. He hired me as his marketing strategist and analyst to rebuild and restructure his company's entire digital marketing efforts following all Google Algorithms. 

I worked relentlessly for six months to build the foundation for his digital marketing efforts. So we could keep making it as days go by. 



What I accomplished

In the first SIX months 

  • The sites are on the first page of Google on the organic SEO on the main 16 keywords. 
  • Generated 20 leads a week from 0 leads in 2015 
  • New Sales increased from $0 to 100,000 a month. 
  • Established a few big commercial clients such as a big apartment complex, restaurant building chain, financial and banking building, famous online retailer, dorms of an unknown educational institute. 
  • All SEO projects showed a guaranteed result, and I worked on a 3-month or 6-month timeline. After six months, we checked the ranking, and I kept working until the site came on the first page of Google.


Business Accomplishment - 2015- 2018

  • John expanded his business to Long Beach, Seal Beach, Santa Monica.
  • All other major cities in Los Angeles County  
  • John’s net sales grew from $1 mil to $2 mil per year. 
  • Established a high reputation in Google Home Service, Google My Business, and YELP

Project Accomplishments - 2015-2018

  • Rigorous and intense marketing research 
  • Analyzed the pest control market and competitor’s behavior, customer behavior pattern & also the big players in the termite & pest control world. 
  • Came up with a strong strategic plan for organic search engine optimization 
  • Came up with a plan to clean up the corporate and the Los Angeles sites following Google Algorithm
  • Keyword Analysis 
  • Creating all the service pages targeting 70 to 80 keywords.
  • Worked in Google analytics, & tag manager 
  • Integrated Google Map and brought the business name on the first page of Google. 
  • Created posts and uploaded keywords optimized pictures. 
  • Re-developed responsive site in Php & MySQL with easy-to-use Google-friendly  CMS System
  • Secure the site using SSL
  • Created a review system 
  • Manage YELP account for Reputation management. 
  • Maintained Google My Business review account
  • Launched Google Adword (PPC) campaigns 
  • Launched Adexpress campaigns  
  • Market automation through Hubspot
  • Email marketing & lead generation via Marketo and Pardot
  • Live review management via the PODIUM chat system. 
  • Crested Blogs on different topics on pest control & termite control.
  • Created photo gallery & video gallery 
  • Created commercial client page with the logo 
  • Submit sites to link building directories of off-page SEO and optimize each account. 
  • Keep changing to refresh content. 
  • Created attractive graphics to display seasonal promotions
  • Launched a campaign in Google Home and keep monitoring the content and review submission. 
  • Seven landing pages creation and optimized according to regions.



  • Unique site development with UI design and mega menu
  • #1 ranking on the first page on google search engines (keyword Eco pest control searched 1000 times.
  • Generate 60 to 100 leads a month from Google home service, YELP, organic search, Adwords 

Google Map Ranking

What Our Client says about this project

It was a pleasure to work with Sabina. Sabina showed a significant amount of expertise in developing SEO and online marketing strategies for the five sites. Both websites were black-listed by Google as my previous technicians used black hat techniques. My website was nowhere on Google search. I was about to file for bankruptcy. I had zero leads for months before I met her. Sabina came in and right away started recovering the site with her technical skills and strategy. Within three months both sites showed up on Google organic search. The result was phenomenal. My main essential website targeting Orange County and Los Angeles came on the first page of Google, with at least 20 keywords within one year increasing 200% in sales. She possesses terrific problem-solving skills and also is an excellent marketing researcher. She learned all the legal complaints, product concepts, target customers, and nature of my industry very quickly. She gathered all the data, recreating marketing and SEO techniques as my business grew. She always discussed her plans with me and prioritized my concerns and feedback. Her communication ability was outstanding. When I needed to talk, she was available for me. She has shown profound collaboration in a team environment and brainstorming ideas. And most of all, compared to her expertise, she is very affordable and fun to work with. I look forward to working with her in the coming years to grow my business more. It has been a pleasure working with her.

God Bless her!

John Claypool
CEO & Owner,
Accuracy Plus California
Los Angeles Termite

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