The idea of developing Aaron Barnett Foundation

Aaron Barnett was a dear friend of ours, a unique individual with an unprecedented passion for Cybersecurity and Technology. He served Moreno Valley Unified District as an IT director for 20 years. He was a pioneer to motivate K12 students to pursue their careers in Cybersecurity.  Aaron passed away on November 13,  2018, at 9:00 pm after battling stomach cancer for one and a half years.

Aaron Barnett Foundation was established by two of his best friends (Sabina Islam & Zeina Ammar) to keep his legacy alive by offering scholarships and incentives to K12 students who set goals to be cyber leaders and pursue their further education in Cybersecurity and technology.

I have volunteered the entire portion of my work to this foundation showing my tribute to Aaron, who was a great partner, mentor, and best friend.


  • A Unique Site 
  • Brand Creation: Logo Design, Letterhead, Invite letters, multiple brochures (award-winners, event, scholarship intro)
  • Promotional Material Design & Printing (T-shirts, Magnets, Ribbons, Lanyards, Booth Banners) 
  • Event Promotion -CETPA (Now CITE)
  • Event Organization 
  • Creative Project Management 
  • Web Development Project Management 
  • Content Development 
  • Photo & Video Archiving
  • Photo & Video Shoot Organizing
  • Interview process of Board Of Directors
  • Event video customization


Website Development

We achieved the following milestones for Aaron Barnett Foundation website: 

The site is built from scratch with Custom CMS System by PHP Code-Igniter and MySQL without using any premade plugins. I chose this method because it’s highly scalable, robust, fast downloadable, and secure.  As the foundation grows, any future technical modules can be implemented.

The technology used: PHP Code igniter, MySQL, Java Scripts, Bootstraps, CSS

Browser compatibility:

IE9, IE10, IE10, IE10, Safari, Opera, Firefox, Chrome, Edge


Mobile Responsive Design

  • Two concepts design 
  • Home page design finalization completed
  • Slider pictures customization 
  • Ideas of displaying slider messages
  • Sticky menu
  • Megamenu
  • Unlimited custom page option 
  • Drop-down menu
  • Custom backend dashboards for mentors, article writers, award-winner, board members, donors, members, Aaron Barnett contributors (family & friends)
  • Custom Donation System 
  • -Donation backend & front end 
  • -Donors login, Donor’s profile, Creating a password
  • -Donors Thank You email, Donors registering email.
  • Custom CMS for Super Admin, the admin
  • Knowledge Center
  • Mentors 
  • Membership account creation
  • Membership login 
  • Board members Admin
  • Board members can log in and change their information 
  • Advisory Council Members Admin
  • Advisory Council Members can log in and change their profile information
  • Student Board Membership 
  • News Admin 
  • Admin can change update news with current dates 
  • Press Release (Category, Sub Category)
  • Admin can create 
  • Events ( Category, Sub Category, Event Date)
  • Admin can create categories and subcategories of events with dates.
  • Gallery (Photo & Videos) 
  • Separate Photo and Video Galleries are developed. Admin can create three-tier categories in photo & video Gallery
  • About Aaron Barnett Section
  • Admin can create different categories in this section to create different page categories on Aaron Barnett’s personal & professional life.
  • Emailing Export system in CSV
  • Email Notification system 
  • Account Approving system
  • Guest Article writer Form
  • Membership Form
  • Mentors Form 
  • SSL Activation
  • Google Analytics 
  • Email Marketing System


Total Project Time: 558 hours in 6 weeks with a team of 4.

Aaron Barnett Foundation Launched Successfully

With the emperor's support from our president Zeina Ammar, Steve Thornton, and other board members, we launched the Aaron Barnett Foundation with great success on November 22, 2020, on CITE (formerly CETPA) at Anaheim Marriott!

Front-End Preview

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Social Media Promotion
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