Vertical Marketing + Technical Marketing- A Healthy Mix

Vertical Marketing + Technical Marketing- A Healthy Mix
  • Sabina Islam
  • Web Development
  • 04-18-2020

Content production is significant in vertical marketing and a time-consuming aspect; however, in the age of digital marketing, my company’s standing customers will likely know quite a bit about the company before the meeting. Hence, it’s essential to be relevant. Strategic content is readily available through our company website, social media outlets, and other trusted sources.

“Know your audience and address their issues on the website”- It is essential to create awareness that my company has the best solution for them. To do so, I do my research, understand pain points and tailor my message accordingly.

Content Development- Content to be highly organized and focuses on creativity and technology.

Testimonials – I believe our customers are an excellent source of future business. In a vertical strategy, I highlight their customers in that specific vertical. 

It is always a better option to do a video interview and installation presentation and show how the verticals are beneficial to use our products in the industry in mathematical figures.

Product Presentation – Also, I prefer to demonstrate the result before using our products. Product presentation is crucial in vertical marketing.

Article Placements – Earned media provides third-party validation and positions the company as a thought leader/expert.

Presence in Social Media (Blogs, case studies, white papers) - I always try to come up with news, articles, blogs, case studies, or white papers on every product update, product expertise, and past performance in the forms of communication. Vertical marketing is a team effort, so I prefer to provide all these links to other departments to push the sales.

Infographics – In this digital world, people don’t have much time to read lengthy papers, so I find different creative methods to present information and data clearly and concisely by creating graphical visuals. It always gives the company great results following this method.



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