How does PHP programming language help get a faster ranking for your website?

How does PHP programming language help get a faster ranking for your website?
  • Sabina Islam
  • Web Development
  • 03-31-2022

How does PHP programming language help get a faster ranking for your website?

A PHP-based framework is also highly likable by Google’s web crawlers and gets faster indexing of the site map. Website architecture and clean code are fundamentals for more immediate ranking. Before choosing any platform, you need to analyze if it gives you complete flexibility to administer the website and which direction your business will go. 

Why is your a Php based website is better than other platforms: 

Shopify, Wicks & SquareSpace; 

These are the most popular website platforms that you can use with a low monthly fee. On these platforms, you can find very generic websites with simple pages. These plans are just like leasing a website, not owning it. 

Here are a few disadvantages, and you need to know how your business can be affected in the long run. 

  • You cannot customize these sites as your business grow 
  • All codes are in their server 
  • You don’t have access to the coding system
  • The site is always hosted on their server, so you cannot change the hosting 
  • You are restricted from adding modules. Adding a custom module is very costly. 
  • You will never get ownership of the website. 
  • Keep paying every month forever, and the monthly fee gets increased. 
  • You cannot customize SEO by custom white-hat techniques adding tags, or changing slugs (Link) in the primary root folders. So organic SEO results are minimal, and at some point, it’s hard to push the ranking. There is no option to choose to customize SEO as the business grows. 

WordPress is a better choice for a low budget, but it uses a lot of plugins to customize modules. So the site is prone to hacking if the site is not updated with all plug-ins that it used. Also, it would help if you had a Wordfence security firewall to secure your place. That might be an extra monthly cost. Often, if you want to use too many plugins, if those plugins are not activated, your system will be in jeopardy! Also, using a lot of plugins will slow down your site. 

If you know your business mission and goals and grow your business and keep adding features to your site, I find Php & MySQL is the best to go. If you have multiple eCommerce sites, you can create a base module with a one-time development cost and keep creating other e-commerce sites with similar features or enhance it with new features at a fraction of the cost. 

Why is PHP & MySQL based website best suited for your business? 

  • A website completed in the PHP framework will work as your application 
  • Unlimited and unparalleled capabilities of adding modules
  • Full ownership of the codes of the  site design for both front end and back end 
  • 100% customizable as business needs
  • Cost-effective
  • Unlimited capabilities of creating SEO tactics according to the need of your industry
  • Most secured site 
  • Cost-effective in the long run 
  • 100% custom themes 
  • Unlimited database development
  • Unlimited eCommerce site



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