Essentials of Visual Marketing


It’s a jungle out there!! Consumers are bombarded with hundreds of commercials everyday. According to the studies, on average an individual is exposed to 3500 commercials messages a day. However, majority of them get filtered and cannot be recalled later. It seems as if they have a goldfish memory. It’s a Herculean task for marketers to get their message pass through their customer’s memory firewall so that it can be recalled later. Businesses are putting relentless effort to come up with innovative ideas and techniques in order to reach their target audience and make themselves visible. Only few can succeed and the rest perish.

Implementing database-marketing strategy like ‘One-to-one Communication’ is very effective and could be the key to the solution. Marketers can use one-to-one communication vehicles like direct email or pod casting to reach their target audiences where people will self initiate themselves to participate eagerly.

Every single customer is unique and his or her needs are different. Today, with the virtue of powerful state of art database warehouse marketers can pool immense data to perform ‘Geo-mapping and  ‘Cluster analysis’ to pinpoint their niche audience and communicate with them at a personal level. Marketers use Variable-data-printing (VDP) to communicate directly with their customer by customizing the message tailored to the customers’ specific needs. With the advent of the technology, marketers are using innovative marketing tools like  ‘Variable data and ‘Digital printing’ to retrieve customers’ personal preferences and interest. They are catering services and offering unique promotions more tailored to individual customers using right language text and pictures.

Always choose media channels that will allow you to communicate with your target audience the way they prefer to be. Be unique and make your visual marketing stand out of the ordinary. Come up with innovative ideas to create interest and catch eyes of your customers dragging them to view your message. Play around with color, texture, fonts, size, formats, visuals, sounds, templates, clip arts and so on. Instead being a follower be a pioneer, be distinctive and rise above the crowd with your innovative ideas.

Simplicity is the best solution. Always keep your visuals clean and simple so that it looks uncluttered and approachable by the reader. Otherwise, people will zip through the ads if it is too cumbersome and complicated. Always less is more. Concise message will attract customers to dig through your message further. Whatever forms of media vehicle you use either it’s a website, email, brochure or pod cast less and simple is good. Convey your message in an easily digestible format and be specific. Most of the time consumers get overwhelmed with information overload and eventually ignore the message. A clear, simple and concise message always helps consumers to find what they are looking for.

Finally, be consistent with your format. Use similar typeface, colors, background, foreground, layout or jingles to communicate effectively with your clientele. Moreover, it will be ease for the prospective customers to navigate the site and will also personify your corporate identity and thus reinforce your brand image to a greater extent. Once you establish your visual identity successfully, it will be easy for consumers to recall your message and strengthen brand awareness. Every time they see the color or hear the jingle, will trigger your brand image and will help to associate with your brand strongly.