One Time Fee vs Monthly Fee


Often business owners and managers perceive paying a small monthly service fee as a convenient and easy way to maintain their corporate website.  However, they completely overlook the missing opportunities and benefits in the long run. Though psychologically paying $100 per month looks more economical rather than paying a ‘Onetime Fee’ of  $1200 but eventually in the long run corporations are ending up paying more with lesser return. It is like buying a house versus paying a monthly rent, which is a mere drainage of money without building any equity or gaining any benefits out of it.

Corporations are stuck with the same agency for years and if they want to upgrade the service, either they have to pay more or break the contract with severe penalty. In both scenarios it is a waste of time and money with zero benefit at all. However, paying a ‘Onetime Fee’ in building and managing the website with modern CMS system will give greater flexibility to alter and upgrade content, pictures, logos and so on as the business thrives. Companies can control their own website with more freedom and avoiding any unnecessary financial burden or contract.
With the CMS system, the same original design can easily be customized and upgraded according to the business needs and requirements with ample options to choose from. Companies no longer have to end up paying hefty amount or being penalized unnecessary. It gives freedom and more room to play around as the company grows and the requirements increases in future.